Why do you need insurance to get a license in nc?

Get a driver's license in North Carolina because the state wants to make sure you have the amount of legal coverage required to cover other people's property damage and medical bills in the event that you cause a car accident. Applicants can contact their insurance provider during their visit to the local driver's license office to request a copy by fax. Before heading to the North Carolina DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES (NCDMV), prepare yourself with the REQUIRED CAR INSURANCE documents. Educate yourself and your new teen driver about the risks and insurance implications of unsafe driving can save lives and save money.

INFORMATION Keep in mind that car insurance companies base your premium on the risk you'll take when insuring. For some car insurance companies, drivers are considered “new” until they have three years of experience on the road; for others, up to five or even nine years. The FS-1 will show details about the required insurance policy and the year, make, model, and identification number of the vehicle. The dealer will ask if you want to include deficiency insurance in your purchase, but if your policy includes repair and replacement coverage, breach insurance would be redundant.

Each driver must be listed on the document that provides liability insurance when applying as a new driver. Teenage drivers already pay more for car insurance than more experienced drivers, and if you don't follow the traffic rules, the costs will be even higher. Insurance companies consider teens to be at greater risk, because inexperienced drivers are much more likely to get into accidents. Canceling the insurance before returning the license plate will result in a penalty for not maintaining continuous insurance coverage.

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