What is medical payments coverage under a cgl policy?

Medical payments to third parties are part C of the commercial general liability (CGL) policy related to commercial insurance. Like the medical payments in a homeowners policy, this coverage, which is part of the CGL, extends certain benefits to a person who is injured on their premises or as a result of their daily business operations. No-fault insurance is designed to be goodwill coverage where there is no need to prove fault in order to pay damages resulting from bodily injury claims. The mission of The Truth About Insurance is to provide unbiased and objective insurance advice and advice to consumers on a variety of topics, ranging from auto insurance coverage to health care and more.

Medical payment insurance is called Coverage C in the ISO standard commercial general liability form. The party that covers the medical payments of the CGL does not deal with the liability, so it is completely independent of any other legal obligations you may have pending. For expenses to be covered by Coverage C, the accident must take place in the coverage territory and during the life of the policy. But the hope of most insurance companies, and the person in charge of the store, is that the injured party will be satisfied by simply paying their medical bills.

Medical payment coverage reimburses third parties for medical expenses incurred to treat injuries sustained in accidents resulting from their business activities. Because claims for medical payments are paid promptly, this coverage can serve as coverage against lawsuits. Medical payments are general liability coverage that reimburses third parties, regardless of the insured's liability, the medical or funeral expenses incurred by those people as a result of bodily injury (BI) or the death suffered by an accident under the conditions specified in the policy. Medical payment coverage covers the reasonable costs of first aid provided at the time of an accident.

Coverage C is no-fault coverage, so the injured party can get reimbursed for medical expenses without taking any legal action. Portions of liability coverage include facilities and operations, finished products and operations, and personal injury.

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