What Does Breakdown Cover Include? A Comprehensive Guide to Vehicle Protection

Breakdown coverage is a form of insurance that can provide protection in the event of a vehicle breakdown, whether it be at home or on the road. Depending on the provider and the level of coverage you select, you can receive a variety of services, such as roadside assistance, emergency home coverage, and even coverage for any trailer or caravan towed by your car. If you add additional coverage to include the cost of parts and repairs in the shop, there will normally be a maximum amount allowed by the fault provider, so you'll have to pay for anything that exceeds this limit. Most car manufacturers offer free breakdown coverage as part of your car warranty when you buy a new car. You can also take out fault coverage as a separate policy or combine it with another service, such as car insurance or even your bank account.

If your car breaks down or has a problem while you're away from home, most providers will send a qualified person to repair it for free. And if they can't fix it there, they'll normally take it to a nearby garage. Home Start fault coverage includes basic roadside assistance, and if your car breaks down in your house or less than a quarter of a mile from there, you'll be covered by your membership plan in the event of a breakdown. Depending on the manufacturer, the level of coverage and the length of the membership plan with fault coverage will vary. European fault coverage is also available if you're driving in Europe or want additional coverage while traveling to the Republic of Ireland. This means that you'll receive an equivalent level of service if you break down there (aside from parts and garage coverage, which won't apply).

Any claim you make in your fault coverage will not count as a claim in your car insurance or affect your no-claim bonus. Having fault coverage means that, if your car stops working and needs repairs, you can call your fault assistance provider to help you fix the problem. Breakdown cover can provide peace of mind when travelling long distances and can help you if your car breaks down unexpectedly in the middle of the trip. It is important to check with your provider to see exactly what services are included in your policy.

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