Can You Go to Jail for Driving Without Insurance in South Carolina?

Driving without car insurance is illegal in the state of South Carolina. Unfortunately, hundreds of drivers do this, leading to liability issues when these drivers cause car accidents. If you have a car accident with an uninsured driver, the process for recovering financial benefits may be different from that of an average claim. If you drive a motor vehicle without adequate insurance, you could face legal and civil consequences.

You may have to pay a penalty for violating the state's insurance requirements, as well as paying out of pocket for damage caused to another person. Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state. If you are caught driving without insurance, you can face fines, license suspension, registration suspension, and even jail time. Although state law doesn't require them, lenders and landlords often require that financed vehicles have collision and comprehensive insurance, and these types of coverage can help protect your finances.

Financial responsibility means that you have the ability to cover the victim's damages if you cause a car accident, including property repairs and medical expenses, through your insurance provider. In South Carolina, drivers must have at least a minimum amount of liability coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and coverage for uninsured drivers. Uninsured motorist insurance provides you with additional coverage if you have an accident with a driver who has limited or no insurance of their own. If you have an accident while driving without insurance in South Carolina, you'll still face the consequences of driving without insurance, even if you're not at fault.

Because car insurance costs can vary from person to person, there isn't the best provider for every driver. Contact a Greenville car accident lawyer if you have trouble getting an uninsured or underinsured driver to pay for your losses in South Carolina. You'll also need details about the vehicles you want to insure, such as vehicle makes and models, VINs and mileage. The most common types of insurance coverage required are bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability, personal injury protection (PIP), and coverage for uninsured motorists.

You can get car insurance in South Carolina by comparing quotes from national and local insurance companies to find the best deal and then buying coverage online, over the phone, or in person. In every state, except Virginia and New Hampshire, drivers must have some form of car insurance. Having coverage for the uninsured in your own policy means that you can repair your car or go to the hospital without worrying about where you'll get the money to pay your bills.

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